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Feed Supplement 8016-13-5 Microencapsulated Fish Oil Rich Omega 3

Feed Supplement 8016-13-5 Microencapsulated Fish Oil Rich Omega 3

  • Feed Supplement 8016-13-5 Microencapsulated Fish Oil Rich Omega 3
Feed Supplement 8016-13-5 Microencapsulated Fish Oil Rich Omega 3
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LIPU SU
Certification: ISO, GMP+
Model Number: LIPO US Ω3
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000kg
Price: USD 2.5/kg
Packaging Details: 20kg/bag;
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, D/A
Supply Ability: 10000MT/year
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Detailed Product Description
Colour: Yellow Form: Powder
Solubility: Water Soluble Advantage: High Digestibility, Rich In Omega 3
Type: Feed Ingredient Function: Improve Fertility, Anti-inflammation
Flowability: Good Property: Micro-encapsulated, Emulsified
CAS Number: 8016-13-5
High Light:

Feed Supplement Microencapsulated Fish Oil


8016-13-5 Microencapsulated Fish Oil


Microencapsulated Omega 3 Fish Oil

By using a unique process and technology, SINGAO has developed a method of emulsifying enriched Ω3 oil with the natural emulsifier bile acid in vitro to form chylous microparticle which is easy to be recognized and absorbed by intestinal epithelial cells, so that the digestibility of fat (especially Ω3) in greatly improved.


Why Ω3?

Ω3 is an essential fatty acid. Enough Ω3 can’t be endogenously synthesized to meet the needs of breeders, aquatic or fur animals, it need exogenous supplementation.Ω3 is an essential fatty acid, not enough Ω3 can be endogenously synthesized, necessitating exogenous supplementation.At present Chinese feed formulas lack of Ω3 generally, The ratio of Ω 6 to Ω 3 is out of balance, when Ω6:Ω3>5:1,the body's anti-inflammatory ability become poor.
Effect of Ω3 on Poultry
Increases level of antibody(IgA, IgE and IgM)
Inhibits coccidial infection, maintain the normal production performance after coccidial infection, reduces the death rate of coccidial infection. Improves immunity and anti-inflammatory ability.
Increases Ω 3 in the chicken/egg, produces brand meat/eggs which are rich in Ω 3.
Increases fertility and hatchability
Effect of Ω3 on Swine
Improving sperm quality
Improve on Lactation of Sows

Why microencapsulation?

#Microencapsulation served to be the novel technique to incorporate valuable sensitive ingredients e.g. #fish oil into animal feed which can be efficiently used to protect core ingredients against oxidation, volatile losses and interaction with other ingredients.

In addition, it assists the formation of emulsifying fat, which can increase fat exposure to pancreatic lipase, therefore improve the digestibility of fat.

 The size of emulsified oil droplets is similar to that of maternal milk fat, which is conductive to improvement of lipid digestibility, especially in young and lactating animals.Feed Supplement 8016-13-5 Microencapsulated Fish Oil Rich Omega 3 0

Feed Supplement 8016-13-5 Microencapsulated Fish Oil Rich Omega 3 1

Main ingredients:

Fish oil

Guaranteed content:

Composition Percentage    
Crude fat ≥50% EPA+DAH+ALA ≥28% (oil phase)
Crude protein ≥0.5% Gross energy 6695 kcal/ kg
Carbohydrate ≥38% Digestible energy 6160 kcal/ kg
Moisture ≤4% metabolic energy 5914 kcal/ kg



1. Encapsulated powder with good flowability, soluble in water,

2. The particle size of product is similar to those of ordinary feed ingredients, which makes the feed mix easier.

3. The lipid is homogenized and emulsified to imitate the maternal milk fat, the property of water soluble is conductive to the improvement of digestibility of lipid in small intestine.

4. The encapsulation provides a means of protecting lipid from oxidation, the shelf life of product is prolonged.



1. Improves lactation, milk fat content

2. Improve the growth performance and the fertility of animals of swine and poultry.

3. Anti-inflammatory effect, overall immunity is enhance in flock.

Usage & Dosage]: Mixing into Feed Evenly, dosage is recommended in feed as follows (kg/mt):

Piglets Breeding pigs Growing and fattening pigs Broiler starter Poultry Ruminant Aquatic
10-30 10-30 5-20 1.0-1.5 10-30 10-30 30-200

Package: 20 kg per bag.

Storage: Sealed tightly, storage in cool and dry place, avoid exposure to direct sunshine.

Expiry: One years from the date of production.

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